In order to help save our planet we need  to recuperate and recycle as much as possible. I use wood that comes mainly from pallets, wood futtons etc, and then build beautiful accent decorative objects and furniture.

I discovered a deep passion for carpentry and design, but had never truly explored. Love of fashion, interior design and decorating gave birth to beautiful furniture and accent pieces I started creating out of reclaimed                         wood and old pieces of furniture.

  My 1st project was the creation of a headboard for my bed, followed by a night table which I then posted on Facebook. The reaction was  instantaneous. People started asking me to create some furniture and other projects for them. 

I work out of small shop, actually a basement and I don't have many tools, just the essential, but I do have enough space to tackle those small projects and accomplish them with perfection in a timely fashion. I pay special attention to the planning, details and the finishing aspect of the project  Perfection is a must. 

   Most of the wood used in all fabrication and creations is salvaged, reclaimed and was sometimes part of another piece of furniture that was taken apart, unless the project requires new wood. Being that I only use reclaimed material, the most challenging part is sometimes figuring out how to put everything together with different pieces and still make it look like it was meant to be together. 

All pieces are handmade and require many hours of work especially the finishing part, but I really enjoy doing this, plus by using reclaimed wood I help the planet and assure a better future for our kids.